History of the Curry House

The Curry House Key West

In 1886, there was a great fire which destroyed most of the structures in Key West. Subsequently, houses were built in the ensuing several years. Some were built and transported to Key West. The Curry House was one of these. It was built in Turtle Cay and brought here in 1889. It functioned as a residence for the Curry family, for many years.

Many guests wonder why rooms 1 through 4 are on the second floor, with rooms 5 and 6 on the first floor and 7, 8, and 9 on the third floor... Shortly after Pearl Curry was widowed in 1943, she opened up the second floor of her house to military officers' wives, and called her house Curry's Rooms. Through the years, these room numbers have been maintained. As the property has evolved, rooms 5 and 6 were added on the main floor, and then at a later date, the roofline was opened up for rooms 7 and 8 on the third floor. Most recently, our "attic room" (9) was converted to a guest room with the original roofline.

We believe the Curry House has been a bed & breakfast for 30 years. With its rich history we feel privileged, to be maintaining one of Key West’s grand old homes.